What Would You Do if Wine Flowed from Your Faucets?

This year, the Italian town of Castelvetro di Modena may have taken ‘wine on tap’ a bit too far when wine was running through their home faucets and taps. On the morning of March 4, twenty lucky(?) homes awoke to find wine rushing into their home sinks, showers and tubs. According to a report in […] Read More »

Wine & Chocolate: A Perfectly Complex Pair

It’s Valentine’s Day season, aka wine and chocolate season, aka You Forgot About Valentine’s Day and Are Running Out To Grab Whatever Is At The Corner Store Season, but a Charlotte sommelier wants to remind you that you can’t just grab a two dollar bottle of wine and standard heart shape box and call it […] Read More »

No-Fear Wine Tasting Tips

The world of wine can be intimidating. We get it, but we also love wine, so we don’t want to avoid opportunities to taste and learn about it for fear of being shamed. Rather than feel intimidated and ‘unworthy’ of a wine tasting, we thought we’d do a little research so that next time we’re […] Read More »