The Rise, Fall & Plateau of the Oak Barrel

We can’t express how excited we were when we saw the headline “Is Oak Over?” on VinePair the other week. We immediately shouted “Yeah, kinda!” in our minds. It isn’t that we’re anti-oak, it’s just that we know there are so many delicious wines out there that have never seen an oak barrel or oak […] Read More »

Summer Sipping: Rosé All Day

Patio season is officially upon us, which means patio wine season is upon us. While we’d never tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t enjoy on a sun-soaked patio, we can safely say that rosé  is never a bad choice. But, as Forbes Contributor, Jill Barth put it in a recent piece, “It would be […] Read More »

Don’t Judge a Bottle of Wine by it’s Closure

Many Americans still believe screw capped bottles signify lower quality wine. So much so, in fact, that many European and Australian wines that are sold in their region with screw-caps, are bottled with natural cork for the U.S. market. Is there any truth to this conception? Yes and no. While a screw-cap doesn’t universally mean […] Read More »

From Dirt to Delicious – A Flavor Journey

“Wine starts in the dirt, and the dirt starts with geology,” says David Howell, a former research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. How often do you think about dirt when you drink wine? Probably never, but it’s important. As much as you’d probably prefer not to think about literal dirt while consuming something delicious, […] Read More »