Oak vs. Steel: A Refreshing Refresher

As my grandpa always used to say, it never hurts to learn something more than once. Today we wanted to bring you a short review on the initial differences between oak barrels and steel barrels when it comes to aging wine. If you already know everything, then this will be a fun way for you […] Read More »

Wine Vs. Beer: Approaching Even Ground

Of the myriad drinks in the world, everyone has their own personal preferences. From wine to beer, to the massive variety of liquors, everyone has their own opinion and taste. Most stick with just one, some like to switch things up. A lot of people even have a very specific brand that theyare incredibly loyal […] Read More »

The Rise, Fall & Plateau of the Oak Barrel

We can’t express how excited we were when we saw the headline “Is Oak Over?” on VinePair the other week. We immediately shouted “Yeah, kinda!” in our minds. It isn’t that we’re anti-oak, it’s just that we know there are so many delicious wines out there that have never seen an oak barrel or oak […] Read More »

Summer Sipping: Rosé All Day

Patio season is officially upon us, which means patio wine season is upon us. While we’d never tell anyone what they should and shouldn’t enjoy on a sun-soaked patio, we can safely say that rosé  is never a bad choice. But, as Forbes Contributor, Jill Barth put it in a recent piece, “It would be […] Read More »