Breaking Barrel Rules: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wines

We get excited when winemakers play around with the traditional oak barrel fermentation model when it comes to wine. Even if it just comes from a place of thrifty necessity versus a place of innovation. The fact is that there’s no reason wine needs to ferment in oak. There are flavors and styles that warrant […] Read More »

The New Winter Favorite Sparkles in Stainless Steel

Cold weather calls for bold wines and, well, it is freezing out. With most of the Midwest under polar vortex house arrest, bold red wines should be flying off the shelf. But, there’s a new favorite winter wine in town, and it’s a close friend of stainless steel barrels. For years we’ve banished rosé to […] Read More »

Blended White Wines are Booming

As you browsed your favorite grocery store or wine retailer over the last year, you may have noticed more white Bordeaux and Italian whites. These blended white wines aren’t taking over, per se, Bordeaux whites still only represent about 9% of production, but their sales have been steadily climbing and winemakers have taken notice. Medium, […] Read More »

Whisky Beating out Bourbon with the Help of Stainless Steel

Bourbon is as popular as ever, but as the beverage continues to grow, it is going to have to conquer some tariff and production problems as well as the stiff competition whisky is putting forth. See, by statute, bourbon is required to be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. If it […] Read More »