Stainless Steel Wine Drum Team

Manufacturing Stainless Steel Wine Drums and Barrels is a team effort at Skolnik Industries. Close to 100 employees contribute to our success.

Howard Skolnik

Howard Z. Skolnik President/CEO

Since he acquired the company in 1985, Howard has grown Skolnik’s international profile and reputation as an industry leader by broadening the company’s product line, innovating best-of-class customer service, and expanding into international markets. He draws on his professional background as an architect and designer to continually innovate new Skolnik products and manufacturing processes. Aside from his professional activities, Howard is also an avid potter at Lillstreet Gallery in Chicago.  View his work

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Brian Hand

Brian E. Hand Chief Financial Officer

A part owner of Skolnik since 2012, Brian is a valuable source of creative and innovative ideas. With experience in the fields of investment management, internet services and investing in early stage technology companies, Brian applies his expertise to the integration of existing operations, new opportunities, and future expansion. Driven to continuously improve Skolnik’s global reach, Brian is critical to achieving broad possibilities. Brian is co-founder of FireStarter Fund and founder and CEO of Timelines, Inc. Previously he was founder and CEO of ShopLocal LLC, and Vice Chairman of First Analysis. A native of New York, he received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Northwestern University. In addition to his work at Skolnik, Brian is an active mentor and investor in Chicago’s vibrant technology community.

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Tom Kreiniker

Tom Kreiniker  Vice President of Finance

Tom is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 20 years of financial management experience. He has a substantial role in managing Skolnik’s daily operations, which extends beyond finance and accounting issues. Tom also directs Skolnik’s computer operations and focuses on helping the company achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies. Tom has an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance from Southern Illinois University.

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Dean Ricker

W. Dean Ricker  Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Joining Skolnik in 1991, Dean directs sales and marketing and brings extensive experience in all aspects of the steel container industry, particularly in issues related to the wine making process. Drawing on his passion for cooking, Dean’s understanding of the (wine) aging process has been instrumental in the growth of our stainless steel wine barrel market. Dean is a native of New Mexico, where he graduated from Eastern New Mexico University.

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Jason Snow

Jason Snow  Sales

Jason has been in sales at Skolnik since 1999, after joining the company a year earlier as a customer service representative. Prior to Skolnik, Jason was a sales person in the medical equipment industry where he gained valuable experience in a highly specialized technical field. As one of the primary participants in our wine barrel sales efforts, Jason is recognized internationally as “Mr. Winedrum” by many of our customers. Jason draws on this experience in maintaining his exemplary level of expertise, service and technical proficiency that Skolnik demands of our entire sales staff. Jason has an undergraduate degree from Indiana University.

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Bill Fitzgerald

Bill Fitzgerald  Sales

Bill joined Skolnik in 1996 and he has 20 years of experience in the steel, warehousing, and distribution industries. At Skolnik, Bill has worked extensively on many high profile packaging projects. He specializes in working with customers that require engineered packaging inclusing reconditioners, and distributors. Bill is a native of Chicago and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State.

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Veronica Crouchelli

Veronica Crouchelli  Sales

From her early days of after school part-time work filing and answering the phones, Veronica has worked in several areas of the company, including marketing, customer service, and now sales. Her extensive and well rounded experience has given Veronica a unique understanding of the nuances of the steel container business and the needs of our customers. Veronica is a graduate of DePaul University with degrees in computer science and mathematics.

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Josip Petrusic

Josip Petrusic  Sales,

Josip joined our Sales department in 2005, and currently is learning the ropes of our industry. He recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago where he also successfully played intercollegiate basketball. Josip is a native of Croatia and possesses a positive energy and hard working spirit. In his words: “I just want to become an asset to the already winning combination at Skolnik.”

Josip with Vlade Divac.jpg

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Latierra Pargo

Latierra Pargo Customer Service

Latierra (pronounced La-tie-ra) joined Skolnik early in 2006 and came to us with over 12 years in Customer Service. Her experience spans both retail and commercial businesses emphasizing the importance of prompt and complete customer care. These skills have crossed over to Skolnik as Latierra is known for having ‘fun’ with her customers. When not at Skolnik, Latierra practices her vocal skills by performing karaoke around Chicago.

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Virginia Villarreal

Virginia Villarreal  Order Processing and Invoicing

Virginia has extensive experience in a fast paced, high volume order environment, having worked in the wholesale food service industry for more than 20 years before joining Skolnik three years ago. Virginia’s experience has been invaluable in helping Skolnik to meet the unique and specialized requirements of our customers.

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Jennifer Villarreal

Jennifer Villarreal  Order Processing and Invoicing

Jennifer joined the Skolnik Team in 2009 and brings with her an interesting background in a completely different field. After spending 12 years as a licensed professional nurse, Jennifer chose to leave nursing and utilize her technical skills within Skolnik’s business IT system. While Skolnik does take up her daytime hours, Jennifer’s after-hours time involves any number of her children’s softball and baseball activities.

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