Canned Wine: Fad or Future?

When canned wines started to pop up in stores a lot of folks scoffed. To many in the wine industry, canned wine seemed like a cheap trend, something entertaining but ephemeral. After all: wine lovers are always going to want to sniff their corks and swirl their glasses. Popping open a can top doesn’t have […] Read More »

Wine…Under The Sea?

The seemingly never-ending innovation is what we love about the wine industry. It’s an industry that leans as heavily on tradition as it does on trying something new. For example, aging or storing wine in a stainless steel wine drum wasn’t an option available to winemakers of yore, that doesn’t make it any less of […] Read More »

An End to U.S. / E.U. Alcohol Tariffs?

French-wine lovers rejoice, after a 16-year trade dispute between the U.S. and E.U., the governments have reached an agreement to drop tariffs on certain imported wine and spirits. The tariffs aren’t gone for good, the agreement stipulates only a five-year hiatus and doesn’t provide relief for every one and every beverage, but it is a […] Read More »

Wine Trends In & After Lockdown

As America begins to slowly open back up, winemakers and retailers are pondering where the industry is headed. How will the last 15 months affect the future of wine consumership in the states? What trends from the last year will continue on even as tasting rooms and wine bars re-open? How will sales shift now […] Read More »