Non-Alcoholic Wines for Dry-uary

From fermenting in stainless steel wine drums to using UV robots to combat vineyard pests, it’s so amazing to see how an industry as longstanding and steeped in tradition as winemaking can continue to innovate. And now, as New Years resolutions take hold and more health-conscious consumers look to make changes to their lifestyle, the […] Read More »

Wine Grade Drums

What does it mean to say a container is ‘wine grade’? Well, that means that container is safe to use for the transportation and storage of wine. Now, there isn’t a specific certification for containing wine. You’ll never see a label on the side of a container that says “Wine Grade.” But food grade containers […] Read More »

Enjoying Wine Virtually

The past twenty months have not been a picnic for any industry or individual. While we are certainly not grateful for the hardships and heartache we have all faced over the last year and a half, these unfortunate challenges have pushed innovation forward in some spaces that had become stagnant.  At Skolnik, we love seeing […] Read More »

Canned Wine: Fad or Future?

When canned wines started to pop up in stores a lot of folks scoffed. To many in the wine industry, canned wine seemed like a cheap trend, something entertaining but ephemeral. After all: wine lovers are always going to want to sniff their corks and swirl their glasses. Popping open a can top doesn’t have […] Read More »