Social Distancing with Stainless Steel

With everyone desperate to see friends and family, but also careful to do so as safely as possible, picnics have made quite a comeback. A BYOB picnic is the brunch of 2020. And if your social calendar has suddenly filled up with picnics, you’ve probably noticed that the average household is not really equipped to […] Read More »

Wine Safety & Sanitization: Then and Now

We all know that wine consumption was on the rise over the last few months. Everyone cooped up, struggling with the challenges of working and schooling from home, the mental and emotional weight of a pandemic, etc. For many, a glass (or two) of wine at the end of the workday was the only way […] Read More »

Wind Down with “The Wine Show”

If you’ve been going a little stir-crazy this year, that is 100% understandable and acceptable. As we all stay safely distanced and at home, wine sales are booming. Relaxing with a glass of some grapey goodness at the end of the day seems to be a national past time, and also just a nice way […] Read More »

Support Black-Owned Wine Labels

Many businesses are struggling right now, but the necessary shutdown of communities have taken the greatest toll on smaller, independently owned, or more local businesses. Businesses that do not have the luxury of maintaining a budget that would allow them to pay rent and expenses without being able to fully operate. And, among those businesses, […] Read More »