What is Vegan Wine?

Those who practice veganism abstain from consuming any goods derived from animals. We know this. We also know that wine is made from grapes. So, why are vegan wines growing in popularity? Aren’t all wines vegan? Nope. A, perhaps lesser known, part of the winemaking process is how it is clarified. In this process, called […] Read More »

France: A Green New Wine Country?

France has been in wine news recently which isn’t inherently exciting or unexpected, until you dig into the reason they’re making headlines: growers in Champagne, Provence and Burgundy have launched a new quest for more environmentally sustainable winemaking.  A noble cause, to be sure. To keep up with the demand of the market and the […] Read More »

Wine Storage: How To Tell if Your Wine Has Turned

Maybe you cracked open a fresh bottle of wine last week only to decide it better to save the rest of the bottle for later, maybe for Valentine’s Day, only now you aren’t too sure if that wine is still suitable to drink. Even if you followed all available advice for saving your bottle, before […] Read More »

Wine Storage: Storing Unopened Wine

Wine collections are a point of pride in many households. In other households, a bottle of wine doesn’t last two weeks without being consumed. But, for those looking to stock up, collect, age or just save a specific bottle for a special occasion (is a gloomy Chicago winter day in a pandemic a special occasion?) […] Read More »