No-Fear Wine Tasting Tips

The world of wine can be intimidating. We get it, but we also love wine, so we don’t want to avoid opportunities to taste and learn about it for fear of being shamed. Rather than feel intimidated and ‘unworthy’ of a wine tasting, we thought we’d do a little research so that next time we’re […] Read More »

You say Food Grade, We say Wine Grade

A food grade drum is a container that is safe to use for the transportation and storage of ingredients and consumables…like wine! Food grade containers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but at Skolnik, we stick to steel. Specifically, all Skolnik’s food grade and wine barrels are made with food grade […] Read More »

Return of the Amphorae

Retro is in. That shouldn’t come as any surprise, there’s always some sort of throwback trend making the rounds in fashion, music, movies, etc. The wine industry is no different. But when wine enthusiasts throw it back, they throw it way back. Remember once upon a time when we explained how ancient civilizations stored, aged […] Read More »

The Flexibility and Popularity of Red Blends

Cabernet is no doubt the favorite child of the red wine family, but according to Nielsen’s recent reports there’s a rising new favorite, and it isn’t a specific grape varietal at all. Red blends are currently sitting at number two according to Nielsen’s US measurements, but they have been steadily gaining steam and soon may […] Read More »