Wine Storage: To Re-cork or Not to Re-cork

Suggesting someone not finish a bottle of wine they opened was a hard sell before 2020, but we’d bet that almost no one is re-corking a bottle in quarantine. But good news, the experts say you can chock it up to smart wine management rather than a lack of self-control.  An open bottle of wine […] Read More »

Protect Your Vines: Can UV Lights Defeat Mildew

As scientists worldwide are trying to combat the coronavirus threat, some of their methodologies are finding applications beyond the pandemic. Winemakers, ever the innovators, have seen how UV lights are being employed in HVAC systems to help reduce dangerous microbes in the air and saw a potential application in their ongoing campaign against mildew on […] Read More »

Wining and Dining in the Time of Covid: All Together Now

Innovation doesn’t always need to be punctuated by fancy technology or a new craze, though it is true that many more industries have embraced the reach and contactless benefits of technology in their day-to-day operations. But what if contact, and gathering, and community is at the core of what your business provides? What if you […] Read More »

Social Distancing with Stainless Steel

With everyone desperate to see friends and family, but also careful to do so as safely as possible, picnics have made quite a comeback. A BYOB picnic is the brunch of 2020. And if your social calendar has suddenly filled up with picnics, you’ve probably noticed that the average household is not really equipped to […] Read More »