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Adventures in Wine Advent Calendars

Is it too early to talk about advent calendars? We don’t think so – particularly because the advent calendars we want to talk about are going to fly off of the shelves before it might be more appropriate to discuss the winter holidays. There are advent calendars that treat you with chocolate as you draw […] Read More »

From Steel Tariffs to Wine Tariffs, China Retaliates

China has recently retaliated against the rate increases the Trump administration levied on steel and aluminum in March. The retaliation: raised tariffs on U.S. wines and a range of other American products. At Skolnik, we’re always keeping an eye on the intersection of steel and wine, so allow us to break it down for you. […] Read More »

The Newest Weapon In the Battle With the Birds: Lasers

Before we get started, no, no one is shooting any animals with lasers. Instead, wineries are experimenting with a new, humane method of dispersing crop damaging birds that, if effective, will change the game of how best to deal with the pests. Since the beginning of agricultural history, farmers have fought to fend off all […] Read More »