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It’s Thanksgiving: Thank Goodness for Wine

Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying a good glass of wine. It is also a time for dining with friends and family and being expected to bring a dish or item to share. That being said, it is no surprise that a bottle of wine (or three) is a go-to when asked to contribute to […] Read More »

BYOB: A History of Wine Transportation P4

Wine is precious. This statement has rung true for humanity since the beverages discovery. Wine played an integral role in ancient religions, rituals, trade and entertainment. For over 8,000 years, civilizations have been innovating new ways to produce, store and transport wine. Yes, the BYOB craze started long ago – at least as far back […] Read More »

BYOB: History of Wine Transportation Part 3

Almost as soon as humans discovered and developed wine, they started inventing ways to store and transport wine. Eventually, we created stainless steel wine drums, today’s favorite form of bulk wine storage and transport. But first we had the kvevri (for storage) and the amphora — the earliest known transport-friendly wine vessel. The Amphora The […] Read More »

BYOB: An 8,000 Year History of Wine Transportation

Wine has been around for a while. In ancient times when clean water was scarce, wine kept humans alive…and probably perpetually buzzed. Wine was the drink of the gods. Wine was an integral part of numerous rituals and religious services. And, for as long as humans have been drinking wine, we’ve been trying to travel […] Read More »