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Stainless Steel Wine Barrels are the New Normal

Oak has long been considered the ‘standard’ material for wine barrels, but time moves on, and with it, technology. Many wine innovators and smaller, independent winemakers are calling on their larger, older brethren to get with the times and embrace oak alternatives and stainless steel wine barrels. This isn’t the first time the wine world […] Read More »

Find Your Flavor: Woody Wines Without the Oak

There’s a bounty of different flavors out there, but winemakers have long been stuck on oak. With the ongoing shortage of oak and therefore oak barrels, many more experimental winemakers have emerged at the front of the production and popularity pack. But what if you really, really want to stick to wood? Well, winemakers have […] Read More »

Find Your Flavor with Stainless Steel Barrels for Wine

An oak tree only makes enough wood for about two barrels, which will only hold about 50 cases of wine. Furthermore, oak barrels cease to add any flavor to a wine after their first 2-3 uses. Add in the fact that oak barrels are growing increasingly rarer and expensive and using alternatives to oak your […] Read More »