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Stainless Steel: Does it Age Like Oak?

Oak barrels were not the winemaking standard for centuries just because they look pretty. Early winemakers found that oak barrels were particularly well suited for flavoring and rounding/concentrating. As modern winemakers contemplate and embrace stainless steel wine barrels, they wonder how this wine barrel measures up in these two areas. Oak alternatives do the flavoring […] Read More »

The Wine Industry of Tomorrow

In January, winemakers, growers and experts from around the world met in Sacramento at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. One of the panels focused on the “industry of tomorrow” as it is becoming more and more clear how this next generation will buy and drink wine. Several discoveries and points came out of the […] Read More »

Find Your Flavor with Stainless Steel Barrels for Wine

An oak tree only makes enough wood for about two barrels, which will only hold about 50 cases of wine. Furthermore, oak barrels cease to add any flavor to a wine after their first 2-3 uses. Add in the fact that oak barrels are growing increasingly rarer and expensive and using alternatives to oak your […] Read More »