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Savor it or Save it? How to Make an Opened Bottle of Wine Last

There are a few questions that you can never seem to answer — no matter how long you’ve been a functioning ‘adult’. Perhaps the most important of those questions: How long wine lasts after it is opened? The idiom “aged like a fine wine” doesn’t apply to open bottles, but while other consumables have clearly […] Read More »

The A-ha Moment: Stainless Steel in Wine Production

It is a common misconception that stainless steel wine barrels are new on the winemaking scene. Yes, they look sexy and futuristic, but stainless steel tanks have been advocated for by winemakers since the early 60’s and stainless steel barrels were not a far jump for winemakers. Understandably, the tradition of oak cooping had quite […] Read More »