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Thinking Bigger than Barrels: ISO Tanks and Flexitanks

Skolnik produces stainless steel wine barrels in a variety of handy sizes, but when it comes to shipping, sometimes something a little bigger than a 124 gallon container is needed. Like, say, a 6,000 gallon container. Bulk wine shipping has increased by 60% in total volume since 2005, and with this rise in different shipping […] Read More »

Why Kegged Wine?

Winemakers pour their hearts and souls into their work (pun intended). To them, every bottle is a work of art. And so, it is very important that every glass of their wine tastes the way they intended. This quality control is one of the many reasons wine on tap has been growing in popularity for […] Read More »

Stainless Steel Wine Barrels: Earth’s Best Friend

These days, everyone is looking for environmentally-friendly ways to go about their business. Sustainability and ‘green initiatives’ are on everyone’s mind, no matter what industry they are in. Stainless steel wine barrels have quickly grown as a sustainable friend in the wine industry — offering winemakers and wine-sellers an environmentally conscious alternative to oak barrels […] Read More »