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Concrete and Stainless Steel – The Past and Future of Wine

Unlike in fashion, trends in technology are rarely cyclical. You’d never see someone earnestly using an old 80’s car phone now that we have tiny, high-powered computers in our pockets. But sometimes, things do come back around. The concrete wine tank is one of those rarities. While stainless steel wine barrels and vats have been […] Read More »

Master of wine vs. Master sommelier: What’s the difference?

Wine is a massive and decidedly complex industry and, as steel wine drum manufacturers, Skolnik’s role in it skews more industrial and utilitarian. But wine is more than an industry or a business. Wine is artistic, historical, anthropological. Wine is a subject matter that some study their whole lives. The title of sommelier is undoubtedly […] Read More »

BYOB: A History of Wine Transportation P5

Before the convenience and control of today’s stainless steel wine barrels, ancient civilizations found other ways to store and transport their precious wine. By the middle ages, wooden barrels were the standard method of bulk wine transport. Tuns, as they were called, held 950 liters of wine and were pretty unwieldy for land transportation. But […] Read More »

BYOB: A History of Wine Transportation P4

Wine is precious. This statement has rung true for humanity since the beverages discovery. Wine played an integral role in ancient religions, rituals, trade and entertainment. For over 8,000 years, civilizations have been innovating new ways to produce, store and transport wine. Yes, the BYOB craze started long ago – at least as far back […] Read More »