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Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Comes at the Cost of Wine.Woot

Amazon made headlines in 2017 with its 13.7 billion dollar purchase of the grocery store Whole Foods. While the acquisition has already started affecting consumers across the board, one impact wine drinkers received only recently landed on New Years Eve. As of December 31st, the Amazon owned website Wine.Woot has been shut down. Wine.Woot, purchased […] Read More »

Death to Traditional Wine Retail

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to say our goodbyes. It has come time to lay the traditional wine retail model to rest. According to winemakers and retailers around the world, and Stephen Finch of Vagabond Wines in particular, the “traditional” model of wine retail is dying. What would be considered ‘traditional’? Shelves upon shelves […] Read More »