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Concrete and Stainless Steel – The Past and Future of Wine

Unlike in fashion, trends in technology are rarely cyclical. You’d never see someone earnestly using an old 80’s car phone now that we have tiny, high-powered computers in our pockets. But sometimes, things do come back around. The concrete wine tank is one of those rarities. While stainless steel wine barrels and vats have been […] Read More »

The 2017 WINnovation Awards Celebrate Advances in the Industry

On November 28th, the Wine Industry Network celebrated this year’s most innovative ideas with their annual WINnovation Awards. From taking a closer look at what’s in the soil, to improving upon the current distribution models, the award recipients represent some of the top thinkers in the vineyards and wineries today. Using technology, ingenuity, and intelligence, […] Read More »

The Wine Industry of Tomorrow

In January, winemakers, growers and experts from around the world met in Sacramento at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. One of the panels focused on the “industry of tomorrow” as it is becoming more and more clear how this next generation will buy and drink wine. Several discoveries and points came out of the […] Read More »